Borjomi Likani Hotel Georgia

Borjomi Lakani is located within walking distance of Georgia’s Kura River. Outdoor rattan chairs, restaurant tables, polyurethane chairs, special production chairs, white meeting room banquet chairs, sofa sets, bar chairs were manufactured and sold by our company. Our overseas sales continue with the principle of mutual trust without slowing down. We are as close to […]

Diyarbakır Culture and Aid Foundation

Wooden chairs, square tables, manager chairs, thonet chairs, office furniture, waiting sets, cafe chairs were manufactured and sold by our company branches of Diyarbakır Culture and Aid Foundation established in 1990. We continue to produce stylish and sturdy chairs, tables for attractive prices for Social Facilities, Foundations, Institutions and Private Organizations. Thank you for choosing […]

World Event Center Germany Export

World Event Center, which provides services for weddings, invitations and organizational invitations in Hannover, Germany White Tiffany Chair White Round Table Tables Wedding Hall Accessories Banquet Table Coverings Chair Ornament Accessories Bridal Groom Chair and Table Sets manufactured by our company and exported by road. Germany, Finland, Sweden, France, England, Switzerland, Bulgaria citizens living abroad, mainly […]