Süleyman Yazıcı Secondary School

Süleyman Yazıcı İmam Hatip Secondary School, which continues its educational activities in Pendik district, has blue plastic chairs, meeting tables, teachers’ room furniture, green injection plastic chairs, school desks, waiting groups, counter consultations, lectern chairs, office chairs, teacher chairs, student cabinets and principal. room furniture was manufactured by our company and delivered on the promised date.

We continue to work with Private or Government Universities, High Schools, Secondary Schools, Kindergartens with mutual trust principle. Our attractive products suitable for your budget and wishes are available on our site. 

You can reach us through the following communication channels. You can get information about the products and price.

📧 satis@palmiyekocak.com

📱+90 555 981 23 65

☎+90 216 427 75 58 (pbx)

Thank you for choosing us.

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