Süleyman Yazıcı Secondary School

Süleyman Yazıcı İmam Hatip Secondary School, which continues its educational activities in Pendik district, has blue plastic chairs, meeting tables, teachers’ room furniture, green injection plastic chairs, school desks, waiting groups, counter consultations, lectern chairs, office chairs, teacher chairs, student cabinets and principal. room furniture was manufactured by our company and delivered on the promised […]

Kudüs School Başakşehir

The newly established Jerusalem College in the district of Başakşehir; blue hilton chairs, kindergarten furniture, green and red plastic chairs, werzalit school desks, student lockers, kindergarten chairs and various school furniture were manufactured and sold by our company.

Castle College Schools

Kale Schools Tuzla branch, office furniture, meeting tables, seating groups, manager chairs, waiting chairs, secretary chairs, conference chairs, office chairs, office tables and various decorations such as the rostrum of the products purchased from our company.

Gökyüzü College and Education Institution

Manufactured and sold by Gökyüzü College and Education Institution’s wooden children’s chairs, banquet chairs, conference decorations, school chairs, conference cinema chairs, round wooden table games tables, verzalit economic chests, laboratory tables, metal plastic economic chairs, nursery furnitures. public or private schools in every corner of Turkey, colleges, universities, we continue to meet the needs of […]

İstanbul Şehir University Kartal

Since 2010 at Kartal Dragos Istanbul City University has a wide range of products including , amphitheaters, office chairs, work tables, side tables, conference chairs, cinema chairs, library tables, modern office chairs, colorful puffs, dormitory decoration furniture, dormitory common areas seats were manufactured and sold by our company. We offer the most competitive prices to […]