Points to note when choosing chairs and tables for your Cafe, Hotel and Restaurant

When opening a new space, we wanted to briefly summarize what you need to look out for in purchasing chairs and tables.

Chair and Table Selection

  • First, determine the concept of your space.
  • Make a distinction between interior and exterior space.
  • Measure areas, identify moving areas, and create an effective floor plan.
  • Check out the different table and chair types and evaluate the prices.
  • Make sure that the types of chairs and tables you choose match with the concept of your space.

Chair Models

  • When selecting products; Consider important criteria such as level of comfort, durability, the quality of the material used, height, weight and suitability of each other (catch the right chair-table combination).
  • Do not forget that your investment will come back to you. As a business owner, determine how you want to give your customers experience.
  • Do not ignore things like color harmony, use of contrasting colors, decoration and choice of accessories.

  • Choose medium height chairs (make it easier for your employees to serve) and round tables (less space, leave more room for customers).
  • In this regard, do not hesitate to consult with people who are more knowledgeable than you.


Post Author: Palmiye Koçak