Serbia Furniture Export

Imported furniture decoration products for hotel restaurant and cafe project of Namesta Company, which is established in Serbia, from our company. Products exported to the company: Bergeres, Chester Armchairs, Iron Casting Garden Chairs, Aluminum Casting Garden Chairs, Casting Table Legs, Wooden Tables, Wooden Chairs, Quilted Custom Made Cedar, Garden Furniture and Various Wooden Decoration Products. […]

Slovakia Hilton Chair Furniture Exports

Agro Ratka, which operates in Slovakia, operates conference chairs, banquet chairs, banquet tables, office furniture, staff working chairs, waiting chairs, outdoor garden chair tables, outdoor playground play sets, aqua water slide systems, various electrical materials. , pvc water pipes and many complementary furniture products were exported by our company. Turkey’s most attractive furniture prices, comes […]

Norway Furniture Export

Quilted couches, real leather covered chairs, module cabinets, beige fabric double couches and various decoration furniture of Sign Print, which is located in Norway, are manufactured and exported by our company. We continue Turkey’s most appropriate furniture prices and 1st class craftsmanship to deliver to all of Europe. Please do not decide without receiving an […]

UK Beema Restaurant Export

England Beema Restaurant chains in London imported furniture decoration products from our company. Products Imported by the Company; Garden Furniture, Rattan Chairs, Rattan Tables, Teak Tables, Teak Chairs, Umbrellas Indoor Furniture: Wooden Modern Chairs, Wooden Arm Chairs, Wooden Classic Chairs, Wooden Modern Tables, Wooden Classic Tables Benches, Cedarwoods, Armchairs, Barriers, Special Wood Decoration products, Stainless […]

Turkey’s furniture exports

Furniture can be defined as one of our basic needs that we need in every aspect of our daily life and directly affect our quality of life. Rising living standards, urban transformation projects, population growth and increasing demand abroad directly affect the furniture sector. Furniture industry; with an average of $ 437 billion a year, […]

Turkmenistan Exports

The newly opened shopping center in Turkmenistan has double seats, single chairs, cafe accessories, polyurethane chairs, color chairs, couches, restaurant tables and cafe tables. Our quality and special manufacturing products are manufactured in a short time and sent to our customers. Your satisfaction is our reference. Yurt Dışı Sandalye İhracatı We are increasing our export […]

More Projects from Palmiye Koçak Mobilya

Semerkand Buhara Houses project about our company news about our new newspaper was published. <a href=””><img class=”aligncenter wp-image-8379 size-full” src=”” alt=”” width=”967″ height=”1445″ /></a>

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