Degirmenbasi Boutique Hotel Kocaeli

Located in Kocaeli district, Degirmenbasi Boutique Hotel’s wooden room furniture, hotel accessories, outdoor wooden swings, tonet restaurant chairs, outdoor rattan chairs, room cabinets, wooden nightstands, restaurant tables with wooden tables, white folding chairs, modern chairs manufactured by our company and delivered. We work with many cafe, restaurant, hotel style places in Kocaeli region and offer […]

Atasehir Balsamo Hotels

Balsamo Hotel, which is in service in Ataşehir district of İstanbul, has bought Chair, Table, Banquet Table, Banquet Chair, Conference Chair and Hotel decoration products from our company.

Kocaeli Körfez Grand Hotel

Located in the district of Kocaeli Bay, Grand Bay Hotel, chair, table, berjer, cocktail table, banquet table, hilton chairs, tablecloths and various decoration products were obtained from our company.

Kocaeli Seka Park Otel

Kocaeli Seka Park Hotel; Table, chair, berjer, banquet chairs, banquet tables, armchairs, rattan chairs, rattan table, such as decoration products from our company has obtained.

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