Borjomi Likani Hotel Georgia

Borjomi Lakani is located within walking distance of Georgia’s Kura River. Outdoor rattan chairs, restaurant tables, polyurethane chairs, special production chairs, white meeting room banquet chairs, sofa sets, bar chairs were manufactured and sold by our company. Our overseas sales continue with the principle of mutual trust without slowing down. We are as close to […]

Sahh Inn Paradise Hotel

Shah Inn Paradaise Hotel which serves you with alternative tourism concept, outdoor rattan chairs, bedside tables, bed bases, room chairs, lobby accessories, restaurant chairs, cafe plastic chairs, blue fabric covered banquet chairs, economic plastic chairs , outdoor wooden tables and various hotel accessories made and sold by our company.

Le Grand Hotel Adana

Le Grand Hotel aims to continuously renew itself with its leading level of excellence in tourism services, its commitment to creating guest and guest companies’ satisfaction, its highly qualified team and its contemporary infrastructure, to create a tourism model and as an exclusive accommodation facility that is referenced in the province of Adana Banquet Table […]