Hotel Design

Hotel Decoration requires an extraordinary view, professional design, knowledge, emotion and experience. Leaving an unforgettable impression on guests is the most important goal of every hotel.

  • Kapı
  • Banyo Dolabı ve Banyo Mobilyaları
  • Valizlik
  • Yatak Başlığı
  • Yatak
  • Baza
  • Koltuk
  • Makyaj Masası
  • Berjer
  • Sehpa
  • Perde
  • Resepsiyon Bankosu
  • Chester Koltuk
  • Chester Berjer
  • Klasik Berjer
  • Koltuk
  • Sehpa
  • Duvar Kaplama
  • Konferans Sandalyesi
  • Banket Sandalye
  • Banket Masa
Meeting Room
  • Masa
  • Sandalye
  • Sedir ve Loca
  • Servant

Impress their guests before they get in the door, to give them the best experience. In a hotel decoration, offering the respect desired by the guests, promising comfort and serenity, exceeding the sense of admiration is the most important criterion.
It is necessary to combine power and impression with a warm, attractive and peaceful design. Sofaline architects enter into a boutique work in hotel projects. They empathize with the guest profile, making his lines and preferences out of this story. While signing underneath the emerging miracles, they receive their awards in the face of the guests, the mimics they can not hide.

Our professional architects, who enjoy aesthetic and ergonomic details in hotel projects and enjoy artistic design ideas, focus on results beyond your expectation. Sofaline Project Team has a special team for hotel projects.

In projects of many countries around the world, communicate immediately to meet this qualified person who has undertaken special design and decoration work that their guests can not hide their admiration.