Metal Chair Types

The use of metal chairs is among the most preferred materials used among our home, office, school and office equipment. Metal chairs are used in different models and varieties as complementary to decoration in many different environments with its durability and ease of use due to both metal and its elegance. In places such as […]

Wooden Classic Chair Treads

Those who cannot give up the style, quality and stance of classical furniture; When choosing chairs they also prefer to use wooden classic chairs. The wooden classic chair group is one of the richest groups in terms of variety. There are many kinds of flooring, lathe foot, carved, gilded, gilded, fabric, artificial or genuine leather […]

Stainless Steel Table Legs

When we go to a café or restaurant, the table legs that we do not pay much attention to, and which we do not care about, are functionally important for a place. Most people don’t even see table legs under the table top. However, the table leg performs a very important task in terms of […]


Choosing Dining Chairs for Your Restaurant

Décor is the first thing that customers will notice when they enter your restaurant, making an instant impression. It is therefore one of the most important marketing tools, essential in ensuring your customers form a positive initial opinion. With over hundreds of different styles of chairs available, each at a different price point — knowing which dining […]

Cafe Dekorasyon Örnekleri

Cafe Chairs and Cafe Designs

Many people like to drinking and eating outside. In these areas, ie cafés and places where everyone is open, the chairs and tables attract the attention of the customers. Cafe chairs can be used every day as well as decorating by some cafe owners. In other words, the color of the floor, the colors of […]

Points to note when choosing chairs and tables for your Cafe, Hotel and Restaurant

When opening a new space, we wanted to briefly summarize what you need to look out for in purchasing chairs and tables. Chair and Table Selection First, determine the concept of your space. Make a distinction between interior and exterior space. Measure areas, identify moving areas, and create an effective floor plan. Check out the […]

Cafe Sandalye Masa Modern Sandalye

Chair Table Prices

Please send us Product Code and Quantity for get price Chair Prices Table Prices Sofa Prices Wooden Chair Wooden Modern Chair Wooden Classic Chair Wooden Rustic Chair Wooden Folding Chair Wooden Modern Armchair Wooden Classic Armchair Wooden Thonet Chair Wooden Bar Chair Wooden Rustic Armchair Wooden Armchair Wooden Lamine Chair Wooden Kitchen Chair Bar Chair […]