Umraniye Ant Yapı

ANT YAPI AS located in Umraniye. In order to be used in projects, chairs, banquet chairs, tables, banquet tables, berjer, office furniture, garden furniture, special decoration products, such as various decoration products purchased from our company.

Umraniye Mepsan Oil Devices

Mepsan Petrol Cihazları A.Ş. located in Umraniye, Istanbul. The decoration and renovation of the staff cafeteria and staff cafe was made by our company. products such as chair, table, berjer, cedar, sofa, door, radiator, kaj, library and plasma unit were bought from our company.

Yonca Onuk Shipyard

Yonca Onuk Shipyard used the chairs and tables purchased from our company in the yachts it produced. Yonca Onuk Shipyard used the chairs and tables purchased from our company in the yachts it produced.

Pegasus Airlines Headquarters

Pegasus Airlines Main Office furnitures; these are office furniture, staff work teams furnitures, VIP office chairs, staff working chairs, secretary chairs, conference chairs, waiting chairs, guest seating groups, couches, dining table, chairs Kits, special production cabinets and libraries are manufactured and sold by us With our mutual trust policy and affordable furniture sales, we increase […]

Azerbaijan Airlines

Azerbaijan Airlines Preferred Our Company for Various Decoration Needs of Central Building in Baku. Products sold to the company; Office Chairs, Office Furniture, Staff Working Groups, Staff Chairs, Banquet Tables, Banquet Chairs, Coat Racks, Staff Dining Room Chairs and Tables, Lobby Chairs, Meeting Tables, Meeting Room Chairs, VIP Office Furniture

Fsm Demirbaş Automotive

FSM Demirbas Otomotiv, which provides sales services in the heavy vehicle sector in 2004, was manufactured and sold by our company, including office chairs, waiting chairs, manager chairs, executive chairs, office chairs, dining room chairs, verzalit tables and various office accessories. You can contact us for Affordable Price and Solid Furniture for your office

Boğaziçi Dialysis Center

Bosphorus Dialysis Center’s office furniture, dining room chairs, glass tables, waiting seats, office chairs and various furniture accessories were manufactured and sold by Palmiye Koçak Furniture We offer our products to our Corporate and Individual customers at affordable prices. Please do not decide without us getting the price. Contact details for details, measurements and prices: […]