Eminevim branches’ meeting rooms and office chairs, waiting chairs, hilton chairs, booths, rectangular table tables, artificial leather upholstered modern cafe chairs were manufactured and sold.

Yalova Directorate of National Education

Yalova Directorate of National Education, plastic chairs, office cabinets, work tables, plastic tables and various office decoration furniture were manufactured and sold by our company.  satis@palmiyekocak.com +90 555 981 23 65 +90 216 427 75 58 (pbx) We continue to work with Government Agencies with a low price and high quality product. Please do not […]

Norway Furniture Export

Quilted couches, real leather covered chairs, module cabinets, beige fabric double couches and various decoration furniture of Sign Print, which is located in Norway, are manufactured and exported by our company. We continue Turkey’s most appropriate furniture prices and 1st class craftsmanship to deliver to all of Europe. Please do not decide without receiving an […]

Su Merdum Hotel Decoration Cengelkoy Chair

Sakine Hanım Kiosk, which has been restored without damaging its historical texture, continues its activity as Su Merdum Boutique Hotel. Su Merdum Hotel’s wooden white chairs, teak folding chairs, restaurant chairs, cushioned wicker sofa needs of our guests are provided by our company.    

Metal Chair Types

The use of metal chairs is among the most preferred materials used among our home, office, school and office equipment. Metal chairs are used in different models and varieties as complementary to decoration in many different environments with its durability and ease of use due to both metal and its elegance. In places such as […]

Rattan Aluminyum Sandalye

Advantages of Using Aluminum Chairs

Aluminum chairs often used in cafes, restaurants, hotels, villas, houses, gardens and terraces; also the indispensable products of dense water, sunny and humid areas such as pool and sea. Meanwhile, we must not forget the harsh winter conditions. You can use this product in any winter conditions The reasons for this widespread use of aluminum […]

Kiz Kulesi Restoran Dugun Sandalye Susleme

Recommendations for Wedding Hall Owners

Chairs produced in different models and colors for wedding hall holders are often decorated with eye-catching decorations (chair cladding) and aligned with tablecloths. Tiffany chairs and Hilton chairs are preferred in the halls of your guests, your guests will be appreciated by the chair dressing work is recommended to make. Tiffany chair models, which can […]

Lavantes Restaurant Melikgazi Kayseri

Providing service in Melikgazi district of Kayseri, Lavantes Restaurant’s polyurethane chairs, restaurant tables with round tables, servants, cafe chairs, wooden table tables and various restaurant accessories were manufactured and sold by our company. Every point of Turkey are making sales of furniture at the best price. Thanks for choosing us.

Kazakhstan Furniture Exports

As Palmiye Koçak Furniture, exports to the Turkic Republics are continuing Ferrum Restaurant which is active in Kazakhstan has been manufactured and exported by our company with polyurethane arm chairs, bar type chairs, double cedar chairs, quilted berjers. We offer you the best furniture deals in Turkey. Please call us to choose the appropriate chair […]

Palmiye Kocak Furniture Prestige Catalog

The video which consists of the pictures of the projects that we have realized both in Turkey and abroad. Table and Chair The colors, sizes and upholstered of the Furniture can be chosen specially on request of our customers. All References

Cafe Dekorasyon Örnekleri

Cafe Chairs and Cafe Designs

Many people like to drinking and eating outside. In these areas, ie cafés and places where everyone is open, the chairs and tables attract the attention of the customers. Cafe chairs can be used every day as well as decorating by some cafe owners. In other words, the color of the floor, the colors of […]

Points to note when choosing chairs and tables for your Cafe, Hotel and Restaurant

When opening a new space, we wanted to briefly summarize what you need to look out for in purchasing chairs and tables. Chair and Table Selection First, determine the concept of your space. Make a distinction between interior and exterior space. Measure areas, identify moving areas, and create an effective floor plan. Check out the […]