Kanyon Hotel Safranbolu

Kanyon Hotel’s quilted polyurethane sponge chairs, rectangular restaurant tables with mdflam table, column bases with cnc cut mirror, square cafe tables and various hotel furniture were manufactured and sold by our company.  satis@palmiyekocak.com +90 555 981 23 65 +90 216 427 75 58 (pbx)


Eminevim branches’ meeting rooms and office chairs, waiting chairs, hilton chairs, booths, rectangular table tables, artificial leather upholstered modern cafe chairs were manufactured and sold.

Serbia Furniture Export

Imported furniture decoration products for hotel restaurant and cafe project of Namesta Company, which is established in Serbia, from our company. Products exported to the company: Bergeres, Chester Armchairs, Iron Casting Garden Chairs, Aluminum Casting Garden Chairs, Casting Table Legs, Wooden Tables, Wooden Chairs, Quilted Custom Made Cedar, Garden Furniture and Various Wooden Decoration Products. […]

Beyaz Kumas Dosemeli Kapitoneli Sedir

Günaydın Steakhouse

Weave outdoor rattan chairs, servants, upholstered quilted cedar, economic restaurant chairs, tonet chairs, mdf table tables, armored tonet chairs, lighting accessories, modern wooden chairs of Günaydın Restaurants chain in Antalya were produced by our company and was sold.  


AYEDAŞ (Anatolian Side Electricity Distribution Company) Cafe section of Maltepe building, mustard color fabric booths, MDF beech veneer round cafe tables, 32 dns sponge arm tonet chairs, bergama table square tables and various cafe decoration furniture were manufactured and sold by our company.  satis@palmiyekocak.com +90 555 981 23 65 +90 216 427 75 58 (pbx)

Asli Arafa Ice Cream

Serving you with 3 branches in Kirkuk city, Asli Arafa Ice Cream Company has been manufactured and exported by polyurethane grey cafe chairs, aluminum chairs, rattan outdoor chairs, red cafe tables, quilted chairs and various cafe furniture.

Doya Doya Cafe Maltepe

Doya Doya Cafe’s turquoise couches, square table tables, king footed cafe tables, dark yellow polyurethane chairs and various cafe furniture were produced and sold by our company. As Maltepe Sandalyeci company, we produce special sized couches, polyurethane chairs and tables in different colors for your business. Contact info  satis@palmiyekocak.com +90 555 981 23 65 +90 […]

Reco Cafe Bistro

Reco Cafe Bistro, which is located in the city of Bursa, outdoor rattan rattan chairs, square table cafe tables, polyurethane cafe chairs with floral pattern fabric, outdoor werzalit table tables, servants, red bar chairs and various cafe furniture manufactured and sold by our company. Bursa Chair Showroom produces and sells long-life and quality chairs for […]

Slovakia Hilton Chair Furniture Exports

Agro Ratka, which operates in Slovakia, operates conference chairs, banquet chairs, banquet tables, office furniture, staff working chairs, waiting chairs, outdoor garden chair tables, outdoor playground play sets, aqua water slide systems, various electrical materials. , pvc water pipes and many complementary furniture products were exported by our company. Turkey’s most attractive furniture prices, comes […]

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